Hey Dude! or Sleepover Friends #16, Kate’s Crush

Just some SF tidbits: Merrie was gracious enough to dig up the recipe for Lauren’s favorite dip, from the Super Sleepover Guide:

Lauren’s Onion Soup-Olives-Bacon-Bits-and-Sour-Cream Dip

1 envelope onion soup mix

1 small can pitted black olives

1/8 cup prepared bacon bits or 3 strips bacon, fried crisp

2 cups sour cream

Slice 10-12 olives into small pieces. Mix together everything and try not to eat it all before your guest arrive. The Sleepover Friends like this dip best with barbecue potato chips, but try corn ships or chopped veggies.

Sounds like the appetizer at a bulimic’s convention. Just sayin’.

Also, I just bought these new Vans (I own like eight pairs of Vans) and I actually thought, “hey, these look like something Stephanie would wear because it looks liker her bedspread”. I am going to die alone.

I just reminded myself of that show Hey Dude with Blossom’s boyfriend and Christine Taylor and some gal named Brad. Anyhoo…

The gals are off to a Dude ranch with Stephanie’s grandmother. Why in the hell in YA novels did families take their kids friends on vacation? And why the hell does Nana want four girls with her? Anyway, they do fun dude-ranchy stuff like ride horses and take a boat out to an island and get semi-stranded on an island with tarantulas. They also meet a boy named Keith who is with his family who is really mean and never talks to them.

Stephanie gets the black and white horse to ride, natch.

The gals get riding lessons and every time they go Kate gets a headache and leaves to go to the lodge. The other gals think it is because she has a crush on Keith and is going to hang out with him. Turns out that Kate is just scared of the horses and is afraid to admit it. She also finds out that Keith just got braces and is embarrassed by them and doesn’t want to tell anyone. Actually, he and Pattie hit it off and talk about fossils.

I love how these fifth graders are more successful and proactive at meeting men then I am.

The cover: Patti (who I am assuming is the one on the left) never looks the same from cover to cover. Lauren looks annoying. Kate looks like a celeb I can’t think of right now. Steph’s wearing her favorite colors of course!

12 thoughts on “Hey Dude! or Sleepover Friends #16, Kate’s Crush

  1. greer says:

    Ahh, hey dude… i loved that show as a kid, although not as much as salute your shorts.

    i can’t decide if that dip sounds delicious or disgusting. i think it’s missing some melted cheese and nachos.

  2. katee says:

    I might have to buy those vans with the koi on them. (Probably the black and white ones.) Probably will wait until the spring though.

    OMFG that dip. I would eat that dip if I was younger. Probably not with the BBQ potato chips though. Not a big fan of those.

    Its probably because of books like this I thought I would have my first boyfriend by 7th grade.

  3. Merrie says:

    Hey Dude was the most awesome show! Loved it! Hard to believe that “Melody” is married to Ben Stiller. I wonder what Mr. Ernst (sp?) is up to these days …

  4. Mia says:

    Apparently I missed the part where they said black olives, because I too made the dip, but used green olives. It was actually pretty good.

  5. Robyn says:

    Thanks for the dip recipe merrie! It sounds way more disgusting than I remember, but that isn’t going to stop me from making it and force feeding it to people…

  6. Lisa says:

    omg. thanks to you, i have just remembered owning the super sleepover guide. holy hell. I think i got it as a special bonus of getting the Scholastic Book Club SF Party Pack! Ah book club. Thanks for the memories 😀

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