Just where in the hell is this city you speak of? Or Sleepover Friends #5: Lauren’s Big Mix-Up

The gals go away for the weekend to stay in “the city” with Nana, Stephanie’s grandmother. She just cannot get enough of these sleepover friends!

Now, the big question is, where in the hell is this “city”? They mention the Pequontic river, which, thanks to Google, does not exist. So, it can be either the Potomac (in Maryland) or the Peconic River on Long Island. And we know the city is on the East Coast, so it could be maybe NYC or DC. Here’s what I’m thinking: it’s NYC. I’ve lived in both NYC and DC and really, not a lot of people in the outliers called DC “the city”. But, people on Long Island did all the time. Plus, it seems to be bigger and busier than DC is. And, for some reason, I’m getting a Washington Heights vibe. I don’t know why. Then again, they go to a History Museum, which can either be the Museum of Natural History or the Smithsonian.

Well, anyway, Lauren gets the wrong suitcase when she is getting off the bus, and there is man’s stuff plus a tape of something. Kate and Lauren later find a dog and the owner invites them to the play she is putting on and they realize it’s the playwright’s suitcase. What a coinky-dink! The playwright goes through Laren’s stuff and finds her journal that says “Riverhurst Elementary” and the names Kate, Lauren, Stephanie, and Patti and calls the school asking if they’s heard of these girls. The school admin is all, “of course! Everyone knows the Sleepover Friends!” ICK! It just made me realize how clique-y these gals are. If I was in their class I’d be kind of jealous. No wonder jenny Carlin hates them. Also, I thought it was weird that this guy had to go through Lauren’s stuff to find her journal. Like her underwear and stuff. What a perv.

So, I need to back up. Stephanie’s friend Tiffany hangs out with them acts like a total “I’ a singer-actress-dancer” stuck up snob and the gals hate her. Kate is all”are all people rude in the city, or just you?” and Tiff storms off. I used to think Kate was a stick in the mud when I first read these, but now I kinda like her. The gang go out shopping IN THE CITY ALONE and Kate and Stephanie get into a big fight and Stephanie and Nana leave and the three rest of them continue to walk around the city. They are getting on the bus but patti gets on without them, and it’s a big drama. And then they go see Stephanie and Patti’s old school, and run into some girl Patti knew who sings in a rock band with seventh graders. Wow, what the hell? I’m impressed that thirteen year olds actually have the discipline and drive to have a band. Anyway, they hang out and make friends blah blah blah.

Other thoughts:

Kate is a film buff and way into obscure foreign films. What fifth-grader likes to watch black and white movies in Swedish?

5 thoughts on “Just where in the hell is this city you speak of? Or Sleepover Friends #5: Lauren’s Big Mix-Up

  1. kiwimusume says:

    Would the school REALLY give out information to a stranger about four of their ten-year-old students?! O_o

    I had what turned out to be a perv ask me for “English lessons” (what, like this kind?) outside my school one day. I was getting this weird vibe off him and I was trying to think of a polite way to get rid of him in case I was wrong. He asked for my number, at which point the principal came up and said he could call the school instead. He called the school that morning and the deputy principal obviously told him to fuck off, because he never tried to contact me again. And I was 22 at the time. Not 10 like these bitches.

    Seriously, schools bust a gut teaching kids about stranger danger to keep them safe from paedos and other sickos. How is it possible that this lady would talk about these kids to a complete fucking stranger? It boggles my mind. O_o

    And word on the cliquiness. I’ve never read these books, but they sound exactly like the BSC in that respect. Do they also constantly talk about how super duper DIFFERENT they all are, but how they WUV each other anyway?

  2. Sarah says:

    wow, I remember that book! I remember thinking it was soooo unrealisitic that 4 ten year olds would be allowed to explore the city by themselves. Although I have to give props to the artist for getting Stephanie’s color scheme right!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow, I completely remember the cover of that book. I thought Lauren was so pretty, and I loved her sweater. I obviously had really good taste.

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