Rubber minis! Or Sleepover Friends #4, Patti’s New Look

The gals take a magazine quiz which asks if they are boring. Stephanie, obvi, scores high and it says she is daring. Patti scores low and says she’s a bore. She takes it seriously and once again freaks out. The next day the gals go clothes shopping (by themselves, people) and Patti picks out a wild outfit, the one seen on the cover. Goddam!!! My eyes are bleeding. She looks like a prostitute clown. The other gals pick out loud, oversized sweaters to go with their black stretchy pants. That confirms it, I think they live in New Jersey.

I also remember thinking that Stephanie looked the epitome of cool and trendiness, right down to the bitchy look. But those big bows attached to barettes? Oversized cardigans. Oh my god! How awesome I thought that was! Lauren and Kate are being kind of mean, laughing at Patti.

Jane Sykes, a gal in their class, is having a mega-sleepover with all thirteen girls in their glass, because her parents are a glutton for punishment. A family friend of Patti’s is visiting from California and is a total bimbo and is supposedly sophisticated. Check out this decription, because when I first read this, I was nearly blown away with how gorgeous and awesome this girl sounded.

“Is that a rubber mini?” Stephanie squeaked. “We read about rubber minis in Style– it said they’re the latest fashion statement from Southern California, remember? I’ve never seen one in person.”…Comfortable or not, the mini looked great. It was deep red. Karen Lawson had on white legwarmers, and her sweater was red sprinkled with black lines and white circles and crosses, like a tic-tac toe game. One of her arms was loaded with sparkling bangle bracelets that clinked as she moved , and a gold feather earring dangled from one ear…and she didn’t even look tacky! Her hair was honey-colored, shoulder-length, and a mass of tight little waves.

Rubber minis! I totally forgot about that! Is it what is seems? A miniskirt made out of rubber? All I can think of is that must give you a rash when you sweat.

Turns out Karen is not who she seems, and stole her older sister’s identity to seem cooler. The moral of the story is: just be yourself! Pass the ten bags of Doritos and the tub of ice cream!

Speaking of, during a sleepover at Stephanie’s, Lauren goes downstairsto raid their kitchen. I am sure the parents appreciate that.

Also, the fab four are all bored at Jane Sykes’ party, being all sleepver experts.

Karen talks like a valley girl, further perpetuating California stereotypes. As a (northern) Californian, I take offense. But then again, people ask me all the time if New York is “just like Sex and the City”. I usually just tell them yes.

26 thoughts on “Rubber minis! Or Sleepover Friends #4, Patti’s New Look

  1. Merrie says:

    This was my favorite Sleepover Friends book! It’s been years since I read it, but I still remember Patti’s outfit and how awesome I thought it was! I couldn’t remember the name of the visiting friend, but I do recall how all the guys at the skating rink thought she was so hot, how she brough an old-fashioned nightgown to the party because she usually sleeps “in the buff” and how at the end it turns out she took the same quiz as Patti and needed to change! Pronto!

    Too bad she wasn’t friends with Lila Fowler and could have a makeover that included new clothes from Europe.

    Regarding the cover: Kate’s har grew awful fast and why isn’t Stephanie wearing her trademark red-black-and white. Again???

  2. katee says:

    Ewww….a rubber mini skirt just sounds wrong. Especially for someone under 18 and who doesn’t have the aspirations to be an uncomfortable hooker.

    I remember those magazine tests. I think I took one that said I was boring. Of course with those tests you could pretty much get the answer you want.

  3. kiwimusume says:

    I always used to cheat on magazine quizzes when I was slightly older than them. It was normally really obvious which one was the “daring” option and which was the “boring” option and which was the one in the middle, so I’d choose based on what I wanted to the results to say, not what I’d actually do (especially since quite often none of the options would apply to me anyway.)

    Oh my GOD, the bitchy expression on bow!girl’s face. It’s like, “Oh-kayyyyyy…somebody fell into a kiddies’ dressing-up box…” Which quite possibly happened, judging by that outfit, but still…

    Speaking of that outfit, what is that hanging off the skirt? Is it a price tag or a bit of toilet paper?

    Also, just wanted to say that my massive box of SVH books arrived from Thriftbooks today!!! Woohoo!!!!!

  4. Robyn says:

    Still wondering if anyone knows what that disgusting dip was that Lauren always made for their sleepovers and better yet if anyone has the recipe for it? I think they pulished it in the sleepver guidebook or something…

  5. Merrie says:

    I’ll look in my copy of the Sleepover Friends Sleepover Guide (which I saw a week ago, but have no idea where it could be now) for Lauren’s special bacon olives and onion soup dip. I’ll post the recipe when I find it.

  6. jen says:

    This was my favorite SF book back in the day; I *loved* Patty’s outfit and wanted so badly to get one. Alas, my mom had better fashion sense than my 10 year old self .

    Oh and wheat, not to be snarky or anything, but did you realize you kept using “Lauren” for “Karen” in your post? ie,

    “Turns out Lauren is not who she seems,”

    “Lauren talks like a valley girl, further perpetuating California stereotypes.”

  7. sarah. says:

    “Ewww….a rubber mini skirt just sounds wrong. Especially for someone under 18 and who doesn’t have the aspirations to be an uncomfortable hooker.”

    i am starting a band and naming ‘uncomfortable hooker’ asap.

  8. Bec says:

    …that outfit makes no sense! It sounds horrible! Not just the “rubber mini” (huh? They can’t possibly mean a mini made out of rubber, can they?…maybe it’s just a really stretchy mini…). The rest of the outfit sounds awful too. “Not tacky”, eh? We’ll see…

  9. 88keys says:

    Is this the one where Patti drinks the “Secrept Weapon?” It’s weird that I remember that scene so clearly. I think I was even more into Sleepover Friends than I was Baby-Sitters Club. I’m so excited to find your blog!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Lauren and Kate are bitches! They’ve got nothing on Patti’s outfit. I too, also thought Steph looked so cool on that cover.

  11. Tiny Pants says:

    How has no one mentioned thus far that it makes no sense that Stephanie is wearing practically all green on the cover? Are there books where she hasn’t yet started wearing exclusively red, white, and black? I know this bugged me at the time I read it (which was the time it came out) but I was an obsessive kid and continuity things like that really bugged me.

  12. Kat says:

    I actually thought the girl with the bow was supposed to be Lauren, as she was the main protagonist and the book was written from her p.o.v.

  13. Diana says:

    I can’t imagine a rubber mini being sold in any store that doesn’t require ID to get in. I kinda want one, though….

    And that dip! That sounds FANTASTIC 🙂

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