They wore sweatpants to the video shoot, or Sleepover Friends #2, Starring Stephanie!

The fifth graders are putting on a play. Stephanie wants the lead role, and is coaching Patti, who is shy and sucks at acting. While they are practicing in Patti’s attic, her little couson locks them in and Patti has to climb down a tree and sets off the alarm and the cops come. At the audition, Stephanie blows it because she has to do the scene with the boy she likes. Patti does well and gets the lead. Steph gets mad and ignores the Sleepover Friends. Also, a rock group (The Boodles) are shooting a video in Riverhurst (yea, right) and are having a contest to have people guess where their video will be shot. The winners appear in the video. It turns out to be the abandoned house next to Lauren’s. So they win and they all appear in the video together all is well again. At the shoot they all wear black, white and red (natch) sweat suits.

Ah, this brings me back to the day when people listened to the radio and did dedications to people they know.

Someone earlier pointed out how much these kids eat at sleepovers. Patti’s mom brought a gallon of ice cream and a package of chocoloate cookies, all of which 4 girls polished off in one night. Gross.

Also, why the hell do their parents put up with these screeching girls staying up all night at their houses, and some shit always goes down, like they destroy the kitchen, have the cops come, or let their huge dog run lose.

Also, the play never happens in the book. Kind of a letdown after being setup by the title.

9 thoughts on “They wore sweatpants to the video shoot, or Sleepover Friends #2, Starring Stephanie!

  1. MaggieCat says:

    I’d guess the parents put up with it because they only have to put up with it every fourth week? I’m just assuming they rotate houses here, since I’ve never heard of this series, but if one night of insanity buys you three nights of peace and quiet….

    And at that age my best friend and I could have polished off a gallon of ice cream and a package of cookies without blinking and then gone searching for something salty. Ah, childhood- when you gorge on junk food until you’re either nauseated or busted, whichever comes first.

  2. Anonymous says:

    alliteration overload! Starring Stephanie by Susan Saunders.

    also, I kind of liked that the girls actually ate in these.. as opposed to SVH. ah, different YA series endorsing different eating disorders..

  3. katee says:

    Back in the day my friends and I could totally polish off a package of Oreos and a big bag of Doritos. (Plus pizza and soda.)

  4. amanda says:

    I realize that it can be difficult to come up with so many names, for fictional characters, celebrities, movies, musical groups and whatnot, but The Boodles??? Honestly????

  5. Merrie says:

    Yeah, is that supposed to be a play on The Bangles and The Beatles and The Go-Gos, or what?

    I always liked the Saturday morning TV show that ripped off New Kids, except they were The Guys N ext Door.

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