Bonus features: auto edition

So I was wasting time before a meeting today and was searching randome crap and we had been talking about antiques cars lately, so I thought I’d actually try to get an idea of what a Fiat Spyder actually looked like. For research purposes, obviously, so I can make a more critical analysis of the complex lives of the Wakefields.

Pretty cute, right? I nver really understood the appeal of a convertable until I moved to California a few weeks ago. This is what Liz drives home after a grueling meeting with Mr. Collins and the Oracle staff. Or what Jessica takes to the beach.

A black Porsche, duh, but I searched for one from about 1985. Here’s a visual for when Bruce drugs young impressionable girls and has his way with them in the backseat while parked at Miller’s point.

Finally, Lila drives a lime green Triumph. Francine is really into antique cars. You would think Lila would have a lexus or a beamer. Well, I guess new money buys you a Triumph. It’s pretty cute.

16 thoughts on “Bonus features: auto edition

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cute! Though the Triumph doesn’t seem a Lila-like car to me, don’t know why. Though I always imagine her in a super sleek/modern car which I’m basing on current cars. Not being alive in 1985 I guess I don’t have the best grip on what cars looked like back then…

  2. coquelicot says:

    Forgive my ignorance, but does the Porsche even *have* a backseat?

    I do think the Fiat is pretty cute. Although I’d never heard of that or a Triumph before SVH, and have barely seen them referenced elsewhere since. Guess they’re just not that popular around here, what with actual winters and all.

  3. Shannon says:

    Oh gosh, I completely forgot about the Spyder.
    I remember the damn Porsche though… with that stupid vanity license plate.

    And I forgot about the Triumph.

    Didn’t Enid have to driver her mom’s Honda or something like that? Some “cheap sensible” sedan?

  4. Beth says:

    These pics only justify my love/hate relationship with SVH…..sigh……BTW-I forget Bruce’s vanity plate! Was it something like “Pedofile#1”? Or “IDIGDRUGDCHIX”? Wait- it was something #1, wasn’t it????

  5. Amy Slutton says:

    Ahh the Fiat Spyder… I always wondered what it looked like too but never looked it up. It is pretty cute though 🙂

  6. gayle says:

    Okay, so I’m months late, but I’ve spent the better part of my very quiet workday reliving the painful books of my youth, so I just had to say:

    That Fiat did not break down nearly enough in the books. It was always running. More proof that SV is not like the real world.

    The Porsche is excellent and does have a backseat. A very, very small backseat. Probably not big enough for a date rape.

    And that Triumph is not at all Lila. It’s not sleek enough. She should be in an MG or something. Maybe an old Aston Martin, but not a Triumph.

  7. tatsu says:

    Perhaps it’s an english/american thing but a Triumph’s a lot less vulgar than a BMW, though far less yummy than an Aston Martin.
    I do agree though i expected something sleeker for Lila.

  8. LimeGreenTriumph says:

    In the later years the Fiat finally called it a day, and the twins took the money they earned from being on the soap opera for a week and bought a shiny new white Jeep.
    Yeah, I would think Lila would have a Jaguar or something….one of the really expensive ones….

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