The one in which we learn about the seedy underbelly of Sweet Valley, or #41 Outcast

I chose this one to read strictly based on the picture. First off, love Molly’s hair. That kind of feathering takes serious effort. Plus, who are those wicked old harpies in the back? Does this take place at a high school or on the Golden Girls’ set?

Ok, this is the book directly after the one where Regina dies (she was the one who “tamed” Bruce Patman) from taking cocaine at a party. Molly had the party where Regina overdosed, and feels guilty and like an outcast. Her bff Justin won’t talk to her and she feels close to the edge. Because SVH is the moral police and apparently she is the only one at the school who has dabbled in drugs. Pshaaaah, right. Like Bruce Patman hasn’t done a couple lines off of a hooker’s ass? Like Lila Fowler hasn’t snuck into Daddy’s liquor cabinet? Like Jessica wouldn’t do some mushrooms if a hot college boy told her to? I’ll bet Liz would take Aderol to get better grades. I hate these people.

So, Jessica seemingly does an unselfish thing and decides to set up a scholarship fund in Regina’s memory. Because Regina was deaf and overcame odds. Or something. Really she is doing it to be in the spotlight and to make the Pi Beta Alphas and the cheerleading team look great. Asshole. Her father decides that his law firm will handle the collection and investment of the money. Shouldn’t a financial planning firm do that? Isn’t Ned a civil lawyer? Why am I even questioning this? Oh, and they will sponsor a dance marathon to raise money. Seriously, these kids wouldn’t know what to do if their school didn’t have a dance every week.

Where was Bruce in all this? Didn’t his girlfriend just die? Oh right, he takes out his anger on some innocent pledges later on.

So Molly’s all wah wah poor me and decides to visit Regina’s grave to ask for forgiveness. Nicholas Morrow, her brother, is there and yells at her and tells her to eat shit and die basically. [I totally forgot about Nicholas Morrow and what a BABE he is.] So then Molls decides to run away with Buzz, the dealer who gave Regina the coke at the aformentioned party. Buzz lives in a run down apartment in the run-down area of Sweet Valley. And hangs out at….you guessed it, Kelly’s. The ONE seedy bar in Sweet Valley.

Not only does SVH have Saved by the Bell syndrome, but it also has what I am calling Little House on the Prairie Syndrome. Have you ever noticed that when other people in Walnut Grove are having problems, like personal or family problems, the Ingalls always swoop in and solve it, invited or not? They tell other families how to raise their kids and shit. It used to piss me off. Elizabeth does the same thing. She thinks that Molly needs help and calls Josh and some others to tell them to be nicer to Molly. Back off, you condescending meddler. It reeks of holier-than-thou-ness. So all is solved and everyone is happy. Molly decides to stay and quit drugs. They hint that Molly may even win the Regina memorial scholarship when she turns her life around and quits drugs. Or something.

I’ll bet that Molly and Justin Belson are never mentioned again.

Also, I’ve realized that the books become sucky once Jeffrey French is in the picture. Even if he isn’t directly involved with the plot, they are of lesser quality (quality being relative). Plus, he is SUCH a closet case. He comes over Liz’s house and they watch a PBS special together. GAY!

My grade: D-

17 thoughts on “The one in which we learn about the seedy underbelly of Sweet Valley, or #41 Outcast

  1. kiwimusume says:

    Yay!!! More snarky awesomeness!!! Keep ’em coming!!!

    And I totally agree with you about Elizabeth. She got on my tit, that girl. Practically every plot thread she was involved in (apart from the ones where she was having boring fights with Todd) she was solving everyone’s problems and generally being saintlier than thou. I always wondered why she didn’t have a halo above her head.

  2. Susan says:

    Wow, that cover.. that hair. Scary! lol

    Why did someone else have to create a scholarship fund when the Morrow’s are loaded?

  3. kiwimusume says:

    That’s a good point, actually. I bet if the cheerleaders just went and talked to the Morrows they’d totally be up for it.

    But then Jessica et al probably wouldn’t get as much credit…

  4. Onnie says:

    ugh i remembed that i hated this book. it was such a drag. and i like the way molly turns around and kicks drugs just like that?!?! what a way to warp reality!

  5. ihatewheat says:

    Hehe. For those of you who want to “read along”, I am going to post a review of “Power Play” which is number 4 and I started reading the Special Edition “Perfect Summer”. Reading it in the bathroom, of course.

  6. Onnie says:

    perfect summer! is that the one todd and suzanne devlin get together? or was that a different super special? i cannot recall…

  7. Onnie says:

    R – as an aside, you would like to know – i got a new computer and wanted to find the url to this site – i typed in “dairi burger” in google, and yours was the first page listed!!! woo hoo! way to go!

  8. Evie says:

    I have just got to point this out about Nicholas Morrow. I thought he would have been the BIGGEST babe from the descriptions in the book. Tall, handsome, tanned, dark hair, nice eyes, sailing a yacht into the sunset.

    Has anyone seen the Nicholas Morrow on the television series? It is horrifying. He is short and chunky with shoulder length hair. Worst of all, they still think he is dreamy!

  9. Rio says:

    This was the first book that tipped me off to Elizabeth being the meddlingest meddler that ever meddled. You notice how many synopses have a sentence that begins with “Only Elizabeth Wakefield knows . . .”? Like she’s the fucking Guru Kid of Sweet Valley. <—— Recess reference

  10. Vanessa Saxton says:

    I remember HATING this book. You are generous in your D-. I would have given it a super big effin F!!!
    Yeah, who are those girlies in that back? I always wondered. Probably some of Liz’s later conquests to save whom we never hear about later (like Sara in The Long Lost Brother or Ginny in My Best Friend’s Boyfriend)

  11. pyeknu says:

    What was shown here was child abuse and peer abuse, no more and no less. How Molly was treated in the wake of Regina’s death was horrible to say the least of it, especially by her parents. Then again, said parents appeared to be a pair of deadbeats to me, so it’s no great loss.

    BTW, Molly is never mentioned again in the series AFAIK.

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