The one which is a public service announcement about the danger of motorcycles, or #6 Dangerous Love

So this is it. This is this blog’s raison d’etre. This is the most memorable storyline. Usually when you get into a plot this contrived, it is because you’ve run out of ideas. But Francine goes in for the kill and does this at book eight. Ok, here we go.


Todd looks 47. But he has a good body. And Liz looks like Hayley Mills.

Todd wants a motorcycle, but Liz is forbidden to ride a motorcycle because her parents won’t let her because her cousin died on one. Liz is afraid to tell Todd this because….why? If he loves her that much, he’ll understand. I guess. I don’t know. I am not in the place to give Todd and Liz relationship advice.

Finally Tood gets the bike and everyone is all about it. He gets into a run in at The Dairi Burger with Jerry “Crunch” McAllistar and assuages the situation by letting his ride the bike. Oh yea, The Dairi Burder is having a grand reopening and is serving a clam special. As if that was integral to the plot.

Finally, Liz tells him about the rule and he goes on to this three-page diatribe about the wonders of riding a motorcycle, as if Francine was fucking one of the owners of Yamaha and had to put it in the book. He decides to keep the motorcycle. Meanwhile, he gives other girls rides and it makes Liz jealous. Finally, they all go to Enid’s Sweet Sixteen (which sounds about as cool as my BAt Mitzvah was) and Jessica was supposed to drive Liz to the afterparty spot, but of course is too busy sucking face at Millar’s Point and forgets. Tood shows up to tell Liz he sold his motorcycle, and she decides to take one chance to ride it for old times’ sake. Then “Crutch” hits them and they crash. Liz is in a coma….

Also? Mr. Collins chaperones Enid’s Sweet Sixteen. Creepy much?

My grade: B

8 thoughts on “The one which is a public service announcement about the danger of motorcycles, or #6 Dangerous Love

  1. Heidi says:

    How come Liz drops into a coma and Todd walks away without a scratch? Liz must have a super-fragile head, being prone to comas and amnesia and such.

  2. Sarah says:

    When you ride a motorcycle without a helmet against your parents’ instructions you immediately get hit by a car and nearly die. This is the same philosophy we see in On the Edge when Regina dies the first time she tries cocaine–she tries cocaine because she hangs out with Justin Belson who is BAD, and she has been warned about him and DRUGS, so it’s really all her fault. Francine really wants teens to ponder the results of their actions: if you cut a girl from the cheerleading squad, she attempts suicide and goes into a coma; if you spike your twin’s drink, your boyfriend dies. This series has a terrible, vengeful morality to it. It makes me wonder what Tricia did to deserve leukemia.

  3. RollingStone says:

    Why does everyone blame the MOTORCYCLE for what happened when the real problem was that they were too stupid to wear helmets?

  4. Vanessa Saxton says:

    I read the updated version of this novel so of course I had to go back and re-read the original. (in the updated Liz compares the motorcycle to sex tee hee) Anyways, Collins is depicted as a serious creeper in both. Ew. He gives Liz love advice. Ewwww. Why did I never pick up on it till now?
    And Sarah, don’t you know that Tricia’s dad was the town drunk and her sister was the town slut (next to Annie Whitman of course). So THAT’S what she did to deserve to die. She was from the wrong side of Sweet Valley. The shame!

  5. Deitra says:

    For some reason I never imagined Todd being muscular my cover was torn got it from a thrift store actually most of my SVH books were thrift store books,I vaguely remember this one vaguely i was twelve when i nicked it from my older brother who tried to hide all the SVH books from me .he never read them,so don’t know why he hid them.

  6. Regina Morrow says:

    The cousins name was Rexy right? What kind of name is Rexy anyway…it sounds like a dog name. And is Jessica really supposed to be against motorcycles? I always hated Jessica. She was such a hypocrite. It was like in the one where Annie Whitman tries to commit suicide. She teased Annie for being a slut, when she herself is a slut. does she remember Rick Andover? Bruce? Scott the college guy from All Night Long ( my fave SVH title EVER). I didn’t remember the part about Mr. Collins chaparoning Enid’s sweet sixteen. Man he’s a creeper.
    Also btw ihatewheat i love this site so much! I’ve read a lot of these at some point or another and i love reading your snarky comments about them. It’s kind of a curse though, because I broke out my old SVHs and I can’t read them without cracking up. No more reading them innocently like I used to. It’s ok though, they’re so much more fun to mock!

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